100% solution: Instagram Boomerang Option Not Showing

Instagram Boomerang Option
Instagram Boomerang Option 100% solution

In this article, you will learn how to solve the problem that Instagram boomerang option is not showing, Instagram boomerang doesn’t show, and Instagram boomerang isn’t working. In this post, I’ll tell you how to solve Instagram boomerang problem in three easy ways.

About Instagram Boomerang Feature?

Instagram is about to launch a new feature called Boomerang. You will be able to use this feature on Instagram soon. You can record your video directly from your camera or you can upload the video directly from your gallery. Boomerang, also known as Boomerang, is one of the four new features that you will be able to see inside the Boomerang features. Boomerang me is one of the new Boomerang features that has four new features. These four new features are: Classic SlowMo Duo Echo You can use the boomerang feature to enhance your video.

Instagram Boomerang Feature Problem solution

If you can’t find the Boomerang feature on your Instagram, We will provide three ways to bring it to you. Follow these 3 ways and you’ll get the feature of boomerang.

 Boomerang Option
Boomerang Option

No1: Solution of Instagram Boomerang Feature:

Solution first, you need to migrate your Instagram account from one type of Instagram to another. You need to know which type of Instagram is yours. There are three types of Instagram accounts:

  • No1: Personal Account
  • No2: Professional Account
  • No3: Business Account

And if you don’t have the option to use the Instagram boomerang feature (Option), then do the second solution.

No2: Solution of Instagram Boomerang Feature:

In the second option, you need to tell the Instagram team that ‘boomerang feature not showing’. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Step1: Open the Instagram app first.
  • Step2: In the bottom right corner, click on the Profile logo.
instagram profile
  • Step3: click on the Settings option. 
instagram setting
  • Step4: Click on the Help option. 
instagram help
  • Step5: Click on the the Report a Problem option
instagram report a problem
  • Step6: After that click on the Report a problem. 
report a problem
  • Step7: Now go to your inbox and type the following message. you can also type your boomerang feature problem screenshot.

 (  Hello Instagram Team,

      I have facing a problem. Instagram Boomerang feature has not Come in my Instagram account.

Please solve this problem quickly.

Thank you )

  • Step8: Click on the “Submit option“.

No3: Solution of Instagram Boomerang Feature:

In the third option, you need to sign up for the Instagram beta testing program. To sign up for Instagram beta testing, follow these steps:

How to join Instagram Beta? (Step by Step)

  • Step1: First, open Instagram on Google Play Store.
  • Step2: In the Join the Beta section, click on Join.
  • Step3: Then select the join option to confirm.
  • Step4: After that update the Instagram app.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be invited to become a beta tester for Instagram.


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