Android 15: Top 10 Best Features | What’s New in Android 15

Android 15 Update
Android 15 Update

The second version of the Android developer preview has arrived, paving the way for Google’s upcoming operating system, Android 15, to hit the streets later this year.

With the release of the second developer preview, Google has given developers access to new features and capabilities, allowing them to take full advantage of what Android 15 has to offer.

Google’s second developer preview focuses on improving Android communications, enabling developers to take advantage of bigger and more flexible screens, adding more privacy and security features, and optimizing media and application performance. Here’s everything you should know about the changes.

Best Features of Android 15

Regarding the next features of Android 15, Google has a few ideas in the works. Overall, things appear to be rather familiar, although the Developer Previews have already shown us a few noteworthy new features. In particular, Google might have more AI-related announcements to make at its I/O event later in the year. Here is what we have found thus far.

No1: Satellite Connectivity Support

  • Android 15 expands connectivity options by integrating satellite connectivity, allowing devices to stay connected even in the remotest of locations. You will find UI.

No2: Partial Screen Recording and sharing

  • With Android 15, users can record or share a single app window instead of the full screen, which results in a more focused and private experience.

No3: In-App Camera Controls

  • New hardware control extensions for the camera are introduced in Android 15. It makes things like enhanced low light capabilities and sophisticated flash strength changes possible.

No4: Cooldown Notification

  • A new feature will reduce the number of consecutive notifications in the same app to reduce the impact of notifications on your mobile experience.

No5: Universal Toggle for Keyboard Vibration

  • With the new toggle, you can set keyboard vibration settings for all keyboard apps in general.

No6: Bluetooth Popup Dialog

  • The new Quick Settings tile in Android 15 allows you to manage Bluetooth connections more easily, making it simpler to link and unlink devices.

No7: Sensitive Notifications

  • Android 15 will also have an OTP security feature that prevents malicious apps from reading OTPs.

No8: Health Connect and Virtual MIDI 2.0 Devices

  • The update brings improvements to Health Connect, including the introduction of new data formats for Health and Fitness apps, as well as the expansion of support for Virtual MIDI (MIDI 2.0) devices, promoting creativity and connection in music creation.

No9: Enhancements for Foldables and Cover Screens

  • Android 15 improves the continuity features on the foldable device. You will find better app support on the cover screen.

No10: HDR and Loudness Controls

  • Android 15 brings HDR headroom controls and loudness controls, making it easier to balance HDR content with SDR content, and more consistent sound levels across different types of content.

No11: Security Enhancements

  • ADPF enhancements and security enhancements such as the Android Privacy Sandbox, as well as new APIs for screen recording and file integrity.
Update to Android 15
Android 15

How to Update to Android 15 (Step By Step)

There are few steps you can update your device to Android 15. Follow This Steps.

(Step1) Check for Updates:

To check for updates, go to your device’s Settings menu and select “System updates”. and check any updates available to your device.

(Step2) Download and Install:

If there is an Android 15 update available, follow the instructions on the screen to download and install it. Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection and enough battery life to get through the update.

(Step3) Restart Your Device:

Once the update has been downloaded, restart your phone to apply the updates. Your phone will now run Android 15 with all the new features and improvements.


Android 15 is packed with exciting new features designed to improve the user experience and functionality. From smarter notification management to improved privacy, Android 15 takes the Android ecosystem to the next level, giving users more control and ease of use.

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FAQ About Android 15

Does Android 15 Work With All Android Devices?

  • Android 15 will be compatible with wide range of compatible devices, but not every device will get the update at the same time. Check with your device manufacturer to find out if your device is compatible and when it will be available.

Can I customize the notification cooldown period in android 15?

  • Yes, you can set your own notification cooldown period in Android 15. You can choose how long your notifications will be muted or restricted for.

How do I get Partial Screen Recording on Android 15?

  • To use the Partial Screen Recording on Android 15, you can open the Quick Settings menu and select the screen recording function. You can also select the area of the screen that you want to record before starting the recording.

Does Private Space feature come with all Android devices?

  • Depending on your device and software version, Private Space may or may not be available. Check your device settings or contact your manufacturer for more details.

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